The composition of Ostroukhov’s painting “Golden Autumn”

Ostroukhov Ilya Semenovich is a real master in writing landscapes. He painted a lot of pictures about nature, but his best work is “Golden Autumn”. I myself love summer more, but looking at this picture, I understand that every season is beautiful in its own way, one has only to be able to discern this beauty.

The picture shows a forest glade. All the trees are dressed in gold-leafed clothes. In this decoration they look like kings, and the glade looks like a real throne room. This picture causes admiration and trembling before the greatness of nature. After all, it would seem only recently, all these trees were completely green, and the people under their branches were on a picnic on a summer hot day.

And now not a single green leaf is visible on any tree. It seems that the wizard came and with a wave of a magic wand repainted them all in one yellow. From the summer greens in the picture I see only the grass, and then it can be seen only in some places, but mostly it has already turned yellow from the fallen leaves that cover it with a golden carpet.

And so you want to move into this picture and go over the leaves, hear how they rustle underfoot, feel the burst of energy and energy that this nature gives. Or, on the contrary, cautiously step into this golden kingdom, so as not to disturb his greatness and beauty, to enjoy this unforgettable moment, as do the two magpies pictured in the center of the picture.

This picture, which Ostroukhov painted, seems to me to be really alive. The artist so painstakingly drawn every detail that it seems, if you stand in front of her for a long time, you can see how the breeze blows, from which the leaves fly over the ground and whirl in the air, hear the chirping of birds that have not yet traveled to the warmer lands, see how leaves one by one fall from the trees and fall to the ground. This is an amazing picture, calling for loving nature and taking care of it.

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The composition of Ostroukhov’s painting “Golden Autumn”