Composition on the theme of the Inner World of Man

Across the world, it is impossible to find absolutely identical people. Even twins are different, maybe not outwardly, but their inner world will not be the same. On what does the inner world of man depend? Since ancient times, people have noticed not only the material world, but also the spiritual world. Of course, it was not studied in such detail as now, but even then humanity understood that within each person there is his own world.

This issue remains relevant today, because sometimes vital decisions of a person are inexplicable for his friends and relatives. So how do you explain this or that behavior of a person, if external factors do not change? The answer is simple: each person solves problems, correlating everything with his inner convictions. The inner world of man is a mystery that can not be easily solved.

Some creative individuals give to know their world, they are revealed through art. After reading a poem, or carefully looking at the picture, you can understand

what is happening to the person, even if outwardly he is absolutely calm. Any work is a mirror of the soul, of the inner world. Usually, the semantic load can be unraveled through the symbols that were used. But, unfortunately, such people can be greatly offended by criticizing their work. It is much more difficult to know what is filled with the inner world of the introvert person. Such people are usually self-contained, taciturn and very selective about their friends. But their inner world can only marvel. Usually introverts are well-read, deeply thinking individuals who stand in their positions to the end. To describe the inner world of man, such great writers as Tolstoy,

In the image of Raskolnikov, you can see the collapse of his internal values, constant confusion and despair. Perhaps, if a person, who helped him to decide in life, meet in his life, there would not be those sad consequences, which we learn about in Crime and Punishment. Kindness, humanism and love for one’s neighbor must fill the inner world of man. Without such qualities, mankind will cease to improve.

Soon it will be

necessary to solve important issues of demography, energy, to save life on our planet, and how can we reach a consensus if the beliefs and aspirations of people are fundamentally different? Therefore, from childhood it is necessary to inoculate these qualities, explaining why it is necessary to be moral, just. In addition, it is worth remembering that wealth is measured not in real estate and money, but in internal maintenance.

Despite the technical progress, there is a lot of unexplored remains for people, including the inner world of man. In order to know it, it is not necessary to have complicated devices and devices, it is enough only to penetrate to the person, to try to understand his point of view. And it depends largely on education, people around, even ecology. A child who grew up in a large family will be ready to share everything that he has, which can not be said about a single child in the family, although, of course, there are exceptions.

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Composition on the theme of the Inner World of Man