Compositions in a journalistic style on a morally ethical theme

When I think about the meaning of life, I always rejoice that I exist, that there are people dear to me that I am allowed to admire the beauty of the world around me and open this world to myself.

At the same time, a sense of great responsibility for this world and pride comes from the realization that you are a person.

But in the very notion of “being a man” everyone puts his own value. And, to a greater extent, it is this value that affects actions and deeds, and sometimes, the course of life itself.

In my understanding, being a man means cultivating high moral qualities.

Having traced the historical path of humanity, you understand that at the heart of any society there always lay a certain morality that guided people. The Ten Commandments of Christ – this is also morality, humane ethics. But there were so many inhuman devices in the world that it terrifies.

But I am convinced that every person has his own morality. And it depends

on it, what kind of person it will be.

I’m lucky in the world for good people. And my teachers in the kindergarten, and my teachers, and, above all, my parents – are people from whom I take an example. All of them influenced my upbringing and erudition, in fact, they influenced my character, taught me sensitive attitude to other people. But it is not enough to be polite and friendly in order that everyone around you consider you a person with a capital letter. Of course, not everyone is allowed to become outstanding and world-famous people. But everyone can become a man who is respected.

I think that a real person is a good friend, able to help, to get out of trouble and not to be jealous of the happiness of other people. This is a good son or daughter, able to provide a calm old age to their parents.

A good person will create a good family and will be an example for their children.

And, of course, such bad habits as alcohol and drug addiction never get along with the notion of a good person. And I believe that being a person means being a good person. You can not take an example

from those who are good only to their family, only their friends, but despises other people. In all circumstances, a person must remain a man: and in relation to other people (neighbors, employees, just passers-by), and in relation to nature, and in relation to his city, his country, his people.

I respect sincere people, in whom both thoughts and actions cause respect. But in life it is the other way around: at work – an advanced production worker, and at home – a despot who terrorizes the whole family; in school – a diligent student, and at home – a lazy person who does not wash spoons with himself.

And one more feature that I do not forgive people, is betrayal. This feature is disgusting in both the large and the small. Treason is incompatible with the notion of “being human.”

I always try to see to it that I do not have to be ashamed of my thoughts and my actions. I am inspired by the statement of A. P. Chekhov: “Everything must be perfect in a man: a person, and clothes, and a soul, and thoughts.”

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Compositions in a journalistic style on a morally ethical theme