Composition on the theme of good qualities of man

Positive character traits in men and women. Each person has his own character. And the characters of a man and a woman are generally different. What positive qualities of a man are inherent in women and men? How are the same qualities manifested in the representatives of the strong and weak half of humanity?

Man as the creation of nature is represented by a being that is special, multifaceted. He is able to think, analyze, feel, perform acts and various actions that bring benefit and harm to himself and to the world around him. His behavior is influenced by such concepts as morality and morality. All this creates the character of homo sapiens, makes a person a person. The character of a person is a set of stable mental processes (properties) that affect his behavior and are manifested in his actions. Each of us has its own set of qualities that motivates different actions.

Some character traits depend on the type of nervous system, others are formed under the influence

of the environment. Each person has his own set of qualities, the list of which includes positive and negative features. They are formed under the influence of surrounding people and life circumstances. Depending on the state of the environment, society and the degree of its influence on the individual, good and bad qualities of character may prevail in people. The presence and superiority in the human character of certain qualities depends on many indicators: temperament, family, faith, geography of residence and, of course, gender. How does the genre of music affect a person? Read the article.

Man and woman are different not only in external data, but also in their behavior, influenced by their inner motivation. The description of the “right” qualities of both sexes shows a common and different in their characters. The division into negative and positive qualities of a person occurs under the influence of public evaluation. People themselves determine: “what is good, and what is bad.” That which benefits, material and spiritual goods, pleasure and joy, pleasant emotions, considers good. A

person, in whose character there are many positive qualities, is a role model. However, it is known that “there are no bad people.” Hence, the division into “+” and “-” quality is conditional. Everything depends on the system of relations between the individual and society.

In accordance with these indicators, we can identify 4 groups of character traits (since we are talking about positive qualities, in each group only they will be labeled and the list can be continued): Attitudes towards society. team: sociability, teamwork, sensitivity, responsiveness, respect for people, kindness, goodwill. Attitude to activities. diligence, conscientiousness, diligence, discipline, responsibility, perseverance in achieving the goal. Attitude to yourself: self-esteem, modesty, pride, self-criticism, honesty. Attitude to things. thrift, accuracy, generosity, unselfishness. In each person, certain traits predominate, which makes it different from the other. The personal merits of some people make others admire them, take an example from them.

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Composition on the theme of good qualities of man