Composition on the theme of the world

All the people on the planet need peace. When people live in peace and there are no wars, this is the greatest happiness. People can love and raise children. When there is no war, all work quietly, study, and do their own thing. And most importantly, children grow up in families with their father and mother, who love and educate them.

The war is dirty and cruel. Violated all the usual life, people live in constant fear and horror. Sooner or later, any wars end and everyone understands that it did not make any sense.

Why do adults start wars, this no one can understand. A good person will never do this. The war can start only bad and greedy people who are missing something. Maybe everything is just for envy. They look at how well people live, how they do it, and they want to harm everyone to get something to themselves and destroy everything.

And people need peace! The world is to live in friendship and joy. The world – to raise children, improve the life of their native country and the whole planet. Peace – that there never was a war!

I hope that people will hear and understand each other. I believe that people will understand that if you are together, love and respect each other, you can live together and happily. And build peace together!

I do not want people to fight and destroy cities. People need peace!

I want to live in peace!

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Composition on the theme of the world