Composition on the theme of Maternal Love

The most mysterious and inexplicable feeling that exists in our life is mother love. It is so mysterious that not everyone can unravel its meaning and understand its essence. Such a gift is peculiar only to women who gave birth to a child, and sometimes not even to one.

This feeling can not be compared with ordinary love, since it is so blind that it makes you forget any insults, insults and humiliations from your own child. To understand it can only the person who has gone through all the delights of bearing a baby in the abdomen, the pain and hardships of childbirth, as well as sleepless nights and difficult moments of raising crumbs.

The power of maternal love has no limits, it is so strong and powerful that sometimes even evokes the envy of others. Only a mother can sacrifice her life for the sake of a child, only she is able to feel any problems or unhappiness that happen to her native blood, only her mother is able to close her eyes to all the shortcomings of her

native person and not to see the obvious.

Blind maternal feelings often lead to unpredictable consequences, both for the woman herself and her child. Sometimes it goes for the benefit of the family, and sometimes it leads to more serious results. Crime, drug addiction, alcoholism are common results of mysterious love. Not wanting to see the real situation, trying for the benefit of her blood, her mother sometimes does not notice any problems with the health or psychological state of her own child. It helps financially, tries to provide all the most necessary, and this leads to increased needs and the appearance of possible temptations in the form of narcotic substances or alcohol. Addicted to this can be quickly and easily, but getting rid of it is difficult, and sometimes not feasible. Payback – tears, scandals, persuasion, destruction of seven, ruined destinies.

In order to prevent possible consequences of maternal love, it is more reasonable to educate your child, to think about the possible consequences and results of your care. Yes, it is very difficult, but the future directly depends on the behavior and care of my mother.

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Composition on the theme of Maternal Love