Composition on the theme: My Friend

Friendship is very important for everyone, including me. During my time at school I had many friends, among whom were the best.

Now I would like to describe one of my best friends, whose name is Dmitry. The first reason why I think his best friend is that he is a very kind and compliant person. He is very kind to me and meets me everywhere. He always smiles politely, which raises my mood, even when I’m sad.

Dmitry is a decent and honest man, which is good for our friendship. He never lies to me, because he likes to tell the truth. In addition, Dima is very funny. He always tells me funny stories, which helps relieve tension from studying. He has good jokes, which he can come up with on the go, it’s really amazing. In addition, he is sympathetic and will always help me and other friends, if someone gets into trouble. As for me, he is a very good person.

Also the reason for our strong friendship is that Dmitry has many different abilities. He became one of the outstanding students in 2016. Also, he does an excellent job both with classroom and extracurricular studies, which makes me admire him.

Since I spend a lot of time with Dimitri, I noticed that he passes exams very easily. Always receives the highest rating among all students of our class. In addition, he surprises everyone with his explanation of the lesson.

For example, when I can not learn a lesson, he can explain it to me, clearly and concisely, so I’ll understand him right away. Moreover, he is strong and smart at the same time. According to my observations, he easily understands the tasks when he reads or conducts any research. He is a very good example for me.

To summarize, I want to say that Dmitry is one of my best friends who has good personal qualities, which makes me more happy and interested in him. In addition, he has a great ability to help other people not only me.

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Composition on the theme: My Friend