Composition on the world around us

Attitude to his native and beloved home, city, land perfectly describes the work about the world in which a person is born and grows up. Love for parents over the years only strengthens, growing into a reverent attitude to their homeland, the environment, school friends and wise mentors. The harmonious phrase “I and the world”, an essay about which is presented to the attention of a young reader, must accompany a person all his life.

My world begins with the native people surrounding me from childhood; from the threshold of my house, crossing which I always dive into family warmth; from a familiar street leading me to school, which, in turn, opens up to me a world of knowledge; from your favorite city. in which I was born; from a great country to which I am proud; and the whole universe, in which our unique planet Earth rotates.

The surrounding world is full of rainbow colors and charming sounds. The bosom of nature fascinates not only with its pristine beauty,

but also with priceless treasures that we use not rationally, devastating the depths of the planet that gives us life itself.

The abundance of flowers alone amazes with a variety of incredible shapes and flavors, both the most sophisticated florists and ordinary inhabitants. And what about rest in the picturesque mountains, or on the sea coast? a hike in the autumn forest. or along the river. Bottomless lakes look at us with their piercing blue eyes, inviting us to plunge into the transparent depths. Flowering meadows are called the ringing song of the lark and the fragrant fragrance of herbs.

The plant and animal worlds are always ready to make friends with us, but we, proclaiming ourselves tsars of nature, for some reason treat it ungratefully – impudently, cynically, insatuously. When will we return to the bosom of nature, merging with it in one harmony? When, finally, we understand that we, too, are a part of the surrounding world, which affects the future of the planet? It’s time for everyone to try very hard together to make this world better.

The beauty of writing about the world

knows no bounds. When reading, I just plunged into an unforgettable journey. This composition pleased everyone around. So his find on your website has made a new contribution to the lives of many students.

My nephew just beamed with happiness from the praise of the teachers. It is good that here in free access you can find so valuable works deserving the highest rating. Such texts excite even the most impregnable hearts of others and change the point of view of any of us. How many discussion questions and reflections are created in the classroom, making all students indifferent to their world. Thank you for your efforts, Denis!

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Composition on the world around us