Composition on the theme “Animal World”

Composition on the theme “Animal World”

The planet Earth is wonderful and beautiful. It is inhabited by a huge number of living organisms. High in the sky fly a variety of birds, deep in the seas, rivers and lakes inhabited by fish. Forests, fields, meadows, swamps are inhabited by animals and insects. Dominate all this confidently people who are convinced that the possession of intelligence gives them this right. But is it really so?

Next to us live beautiful creatures, who at one time directed people to fear, and sometimes even real horror, that helped people to master boundless lands and process them. Animals can be friends, and can be enemies, but a person should never forget that they live next to us. Look at the Red Book of Ukraine: it has a fairly large size. A huge number of animals have either disappeared, or are

on the verge of extinction. Human activity destroys whole populations of animals. Just imagine: there lived one species on Earth, but now it does not. Does not exist. I can not believe that this is possible.

Perhaps someone sarcastically will notice that it has nothing to do with the disappearance of the population of bison or other animals, but little can be done by everyone to save our smaller friends.

Have you noticed how many homeless cats and dogs are on the street? The fact is that people sometimes forget that they are responsible for those who have tamed. Sometimes they take the animal for maintenance, while it is small, play with it, play it, and when they grow up they throw it out into the street. A familiar story? And there are many such stories! It must be realized that an animal is not a toy. You can not take it, and then throw it away. It is also impossible to throw out little kittens or puppies on the street, which are already led by an adult animal. It is necessary or to prevent this by watching your pet, or to look for the new owners. There is a wonderful fairy tale for adults “Little Prince”. The idea of ​​responsibility for tamed creatures there is fully and beautifully revealed. A little boy looks after a rose, which brings him a lot of trouble.

Animals are the same masters of this planet as we are. And if we take in hand the management of the life of this planet, we must not forget about all its inhabitants, we need to think not only about ourselves. As you know, nature loves balance in everything, and its unlimited power allows or protects this life on the planet, or destroy it. Therefore, I urge everyone to love nature, animals and bring up this wonderful feeling of love in the generations to come, giving them a good example.

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Composition on the theme “Animal World”