Composition on the theme “Mother’s Day”

For each of us, the most precious person in life is, of course, my mother. After all, it was Mother who gave us life, it’s mother who is always gentle and attentive to us. And no one knows how much love and pain can hold the mother’s heart, how many experiences it can endure. After all, when a child is sick or a misfortune has happened to him, it is his mother who heals and sympathizes with him most of all. And when children become adults, Mom shares with them in the same way all the experiences of their independent life.

Mom accompanies us all life, despite the fact that it is near us or thousands of kilometers away from us. And even on the verge of her death, Mom does not worry about herself, but about her children. The power of maternal love is able to overcome any barriers and any distances. And wherever we are, my mother’s love, my mother’s prayers and experiences save us from misfortunes and misfortunes.

Mom is the very person, on the examples

of which we learn loyalty, tenderness and love for close people, respect and courtesy to others. The girl most often adopts from her mother all of her habits, skills and abilities, and the boy learns from his mother the most important life rules that any good person needs to know. This is respect for the elders, and protection of the weaker, and a special attitude towards women, and much more that he will carry through his entire life. They say that even the wives most men choose to be like their mothers.

How many mothers see their children on the road, on a long journey, sometimes forever, not hoping to see them more, but every mother, until the last minute of her life, expects them to return to their home. A house in which we will always remain the most welcome guests.

Mom can forgive everything and understand everything, she will support her child even when he is guilty in terms of law or public morality. Because for every mother her child is the most sacred. And for the child, his mother must be the most holy. This is the whole power of maternal love, for it is for life, it is unchangeable and true.

But knowing how much Mom loves us, we very often give her too little attention, too often we treat them coldly or even indifferently. But, even so, only Mom will always love us, love us as we are, love everywhere and under any circumstances. For her mother, her child is always the best in the world. Only a mother can see her child as he is, and imagine how he could become.

We, too, will once be parents, and now all that is required of us is to never forget our mothers. Our mothers deserve our understanding, obedience and constant attention, and not just a bunch of flowers on holidays. We must protect our mothers from sorrows and misfortunes, because when they do not become, there will be no one to protect us in this difficult and sometimes unjust life.

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Composition on the theme “Mother’s Day”