Composition “Family in the Modern World”

Undoubtedly, for each person the family plays a great role. The formation of a full-fledged personality and a sense of its own significance occurs in the child from the first years of life within this complex mechanism – the family institution.

If you feel that you love, that you are surrounded by care and attention of relatives, then the subconscious mind, as if fixes this bright picture and forms a correct idea about the inside of family relationships.

Unfortunately, in our difficult times, often there are incomplete families where a single mother, barely making ends meet, all the while spending time at work, can not give the child proper attention, and he feels permissiveness and feels lonely, left to himself.

Or take, for example, disadvantaged families, where there is both a mother and a father, but who behave in an unseemly manner, have addictions. Their children, like a sponge, absorb the behavioral reactions of their parents from an early age, and often

consider them to be the norm.

It is sad to realize the terrible statistics, according to which one of the two inmates of marriage unions one disintegrates. Family values ​​over time significantly depreciate, for modern society, the family is not a top priority, which suggests that in the future the situation will be further exacerbated.

In the current society, young people are getting more and more attentive to the material condition and status of each other. Marriages of convenience are gaining momentum and cease to be taken tough.

It all boils down to a simple, crude but topical thought – the opportunity to buy or sell a good attitude for crisp banknotes and create the appearance of a family.
If you think deeply about the theme of the family of the future, based on the main aspects of the present day, then uncomfortable conclusions come to mind, what it will be.

It is important to realize that this is not a club of interests, not an ability to get attached, but a more intimate and spiritual concept. Marriage is the union of two sincerely loving people who consciously approached

the birth of their own family.

And the emergence of a child is not a self-evident circumstance, but a deliberate, coordinated decision, because the birth of a small miracle assumes a willingness to fully bear parental obligations, endow it with unlimited love and, of course, assume full responsibility for the formation of the child’s full personality and his feeling himself an inseparable part of the society in which he lives.

Do not forget that every person, no matter in which family he grew up, however, must realize that it is on his own perception of life, moral values, self-education and self-discipline that the construction of personal happiness depends, and on the well-being of an individual individual, the foundation of the family of the future.

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Composition “Family in the Modern World”