Composition on the theme of heroism

The history of each nation and state is the heroic deeds of the people of the past. Someone goes down in history, and some of them remain unknown or forgotten. Nevertheless, they all go to a common goal – to victory for the sake of a future life.

Soldiers of the Great Patriotic War are the heroes of our country. These people sacrificed their health and their lives for our free future. What distinguishes these people from simple? Nothing. Anyone can become a hero soldier. For this it is necessary from the very childhood to cultivate the three best qualities: heroism, courage and fortitude. These are the most worthy qualities that a warrior can possess.

Heroism – the ability to sacrifice themselves and their interests for the sake of someone else’s, common good. Heroism is a willingness to commit an act in a moment, and never regret it. Very often heroism helped our soldiers in saving the victims of the war and in the skirmishes with the Nazis. Sometimes,

even losing numerically and in weapons, our warriors defeated the Nazis thanks to fighting spirit and heroism.

Courage is a deeper quality than heroism. Courage is the ability of a person to perform an act for someone’s benefit and to answer for it. Courageous people are much stronger than heroes. They are responsible for their actions, and are always ready to defend their actions. It is much more difficult to be courageous than a hero. After all, courage is an amazing hardening, inflexibility, unshakableness over the difficulties and horrors of war.

Persistence is the quality that is most difficult to cultivate in the human soul. Few can remain steadfast in a difficult situation. After all, it often happens on the battlefield that soldiers are in mortal danger, and only a few leave their posts and are ready to carry out their duties and fulfill their duty to the Fatherland until the end. To the victorious end, or his death.

Death on the battlefield is proof of fortitude, courage and heroism. Only the person who combines all these three qualities can die with pride for himself. After all, he

did everything for the future of his nation, his country. His family, relatives, children will live in a peaceful country, in peacetime and look at the peaceful sky. Because he did his best to make them free. Heroism, courage and fortitude are the best qualities that, at times, do not suffice in modern society. After all, such people are worth their weight in gold. And it is very difficult to cultivate these qualities in oneself.

Take care of people who survived the war and brought up these qualities, and grow these qualities in future generations. After all, heroism, courage and fortitude are the future of our country and our nation.

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Composition on the theme of heroism