Composition on the theme of man

The concept of “man” has a deep meaning, the meaning of it can be viewed from different angles. From the point of view of biology, this is just one of the species of life on the planet. From the standpoint of sociology, man is much more, he is the product of his time, culture, education. In psychology, he is the bearer of qualities peculiar only to him, abilities, talents, emotions and desires. Each person is an individuality, uniqueness, and we must learn to appreciate each other.

But from the point of view of ethics, the right to be called a person still needs to be earned. Man, unlike animals, has the ability to think, control his strength, choose a way of life. It is the ability to make choices independently of a person from all other living beings.

A person creates his own ideals and shapes his personality. He voluntarily chooses what to be – affable and open or unfriendly and unsociable, to achieve his goals honestly or “to go through the corpses.” This places great responsibility on us for our actions.

In addition, a person has a unique ability to develop, learn, improve throughout life and transfer his experience to future generations.

What kind of person should be in order to justify his proud title? Should he reach the top in everything he takes to be the “ruler of the world”? Or for this he must show his best qualities – the ability to compassion, the desire for unity, justice, peaceful life, the desire to help others?

I think a person should strive for success, great achievements, but do not forget that there are also living people around her-someone’s relatives and friends, with their needs and desires. It seems to me that a person should live by a simple principle – live by himself and do not bother living with others. It’s not for nothing that the wisdom of the people says – you can not build happiness on someone else’s misfortune.

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Composition on the theme of man