Composition on the theme of best friend

I’m lucky, I have many friends. I communicate with the guys in the yard, in the school, in the swimming section, where I work. And the best among them is Anton. He is my closest and most reliable friend. We live in the neighboring houses and study in the same school, although in different classes. I would like to study with him together, but he is almost a year older.

Anton has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is tall and thin, above me half a head. At the same time he is very strong and hardy, never complains about difficulties.

We have been friends with Anton for three years. Together we chase the ball, swim, play video games. In good weather, we like to ride bicycles and go to the lake to fish. If my family is going on a picnic, then we always call with Anton, and vice versa. Also we sometimes go to the cinema together.

Anton is a very cheerful and kind boy, he is always in a good mood. My friend knows how to use his jokes to cheer me and other guys. He’s great at telling funny stories and anecdotes. We like the same music. When parents are not at home, we like to listen loudly to rock. Our tastes generally coincide in many respects, beginning with the style of clothing and finishing with food. And he, like me, loves animals.

Anton proved to be a good friend not only in entertainment, but also in difficult moments. That’s why I decided to dedicate the composition to him, and not to someone else. This person always helps me, never giving up in trouble. And for this, it is not even necessary to ask. Often Anton notices that it’s hard for me, then he hurries to give useful advice or help, without waiting for a request.

It’s good when you have friends, and even better, if you have a close friend who can confidently trust your secrets and anxieties, who will listen and understand you. It is important to always be ready to reciprocate. He, too, should know that you will help him, no matter what.

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Composition on the theme of best friend