Composition on the theme “Russian word”

The Word… Without it, we can not imagine our life. With the help of the word, we manifest our feelings, desires, emotions. It accompanies us everywhere. Can help find friends or like-minded people, unite, and maybe vice versa, an inadvertently abandoned word is capable of quarreling for a long time, sometimes and forever. Therefore, the word requires careful and careful treatment, the ability to use it correctly. From a long time people understand all the meaning and power of the word in human life.
What is a word? The word is part of our speech. Words are put in sentences, in texts, with the help of which, people say, and get knowledge about the world. Words can describe any incidents and events, and everything that is around us. They help to organize a consistent and clear speech. The word plays a huge role in human life. We compose phrases from the corresponding words to convey our thoughts as clearly and deeply as possible. We must not forget the power of words. It can

inspire a person to do great things or sink into despair and depression.

The famous proverb says: “the word is not a sparrow, it will fly out – you will not catch it.” That is, you need to think a hundred times and weigh everything before you say something important. For example, give unrealistic promises. Thoughtlessly thrown word is not returned back. Not only does the interlocutor suffer from this, but you yourself. Repentance and with regret will torment the soul and constantly remind you of a person whom you have offended or deceived.
To convey the meaning of the word to others, you do not need to be a great speaker. It is enough that you have an open heart, humanity and a desire to feel the real problems of your companion. A wise word can prevent a lot of suffering and wrong, hasty decisions. If a person is dear to you, then do not say bad or deceitful words to him, because he not only hears you, but also feels with his heart. Only sincerity, honesty, openness, feelings and thoughts are given to people for understanding and kinship.

Close in spirit people are able to understand

each other with a half-word or even a glance. They are so intertwined that they can communicate mentally the most important words for them. There is no need to strain and invent high words to express your admiration and worship. Man perfectly expresses the soul in simple words, coming from a loving heart. And he will answer simply and sincerely. Let’s not miss the opportunity to use the power of the word to awaken the best qualities of the human soul – compassion, generosity, forgiveness and love!

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Composition on the theme “Russian word”