Composition on the theme of MY idiot

I think that almost all people in the world are admired by someone. This is especially true among young people. Many of them have idols. They try to look and behave like them. This is useful when a person imitates someone with positive qualities or someone who has done a lot of good and decent. Idols are, most often from such spheres as music or cinema. My idol is Michael Jackson.

I like all his songs, and I admire his personality. I think that he was a versatile gifted person. He organized fantastic and exciting shows. He was a great singer and dancer. In addition, he did a lot for poor children and disabled children from Africa. I read in one magazine that Michael Jackson was born in a poor family. There were nine of them, and they all lived in a four-room house.

Later, when Michael Jackson became truly rich and popular, he acquired a huge house with lots of rooms on the upper and lower floors. Many critics said that his behavior was eccentric. He never gave interviews, he was rarely seen in public, he often wore a mask to protect himself from germs, and he slept in an oxygen capsule, which, in his opinion, would help him live longer. Nevertheless, his manager says that he was just very shy. He began to sing to the public when he was only five years old.

Since then, he worked as an adult. He never had free time to play with other children, and he led a very hard life. He felt safe with animals and children, and he was afraid of the crowd. He also behaved like a small child. He loved stories for children and his favorite hero was Peter Pen. No matter how eccentric or childishly naive he was, I think he was an intelligent man who managed to create a successful and magnificent image.

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Composition on the theme of MY idiot