The world of my hobbies is composition

The world of my hobbies is the way to the future.

What is hobby? In my opinion, hobby is an occupation that a person performs with special interest. Each has its own, it can be several.

For example, my most important hobby is music. Working alone, I learned vocals, since my parents already owned this skill, then, you can say, the love of music is embedded in my genes. Since childhood, I had to learn the basics of myself, getting experience, only with concerts. Of course, at first, faced with difficulties, such as incomplete memorization of the text, falling into notes, an error in the selection of songs, even ordinary clothes can alienate listeners and, of course, there were times when you think you need to look for another hobby, but, inspired by the perseverance of famous singers and the singers, still do not back down and go on your way.

One of those inspirers, I believe, is Anna Herman. The most famous singer, who survived a terrible accident, but did not depart

from her destiny. She is certainly one of the people with a strong spirit and great love for the listening audience, as well as the owner of a gentle, penetrating and strong voice.

My second hobby is sport. I learn volleyball, tennis and sports dances. Volleyball game, of course, is very interesting, when everything depends on how you got used to the team, because only from this team can become a real team. I began to study them six months ago, enrolling in a section in the school. Tennis is an exciting test for the reaction and sleight of hand. I realized this when I joined tennis in the fourth grade and play periodically, enjoying it with my family and friends.

Sports dancing is strength and grace at the same time. From the first class I was listed among the students of the Children’s Art School and in four years I took the second place in the republican competition of sports ballroom dances “Cup of Victory” It is always pleasant to learn something new and to learn interesting things at will.

The following are my hobbies are not less interesting and give me tremendous pleasure

and peace of mind. Drawing is a stream of inspiration. I like drawing people in different styles, as well as copying and giving pictures from the heart to native people.

I attended four classes of piano art, and the second year I have been practicing guitar. How much after the game the strength and inspiration that it seems that you are the happiest person in the world. And you can also play a family to enjoy the tranquility of live music together.

And, of course, foreign languages. For me, as for the future singer and just for themselves they are extremely important. Initially, learning languages ​​strains, then it becomes a kind of quest, in which the further, the more interesting and understandable.

During the summer holidays, I get tired of rest. Therefore, my friends and I often ride a bicycle, if possible on rollers, but, if something happens, even on skates.

I really like nature, I love animals, and also take pictures. Once I even dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but the love of music won this battle.

Thanks to my hobbies, I know exactly why you need to study. I will become an adult, intelligent and know for sure that I will never be bored with my family and friends.

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The world of my hobbies is composition