Composition on a moral theme

What is morality? On the one hand, this is a very complex philosophical question, requiring serious reflection. And on the other hand, usually we can fairly clearly determine whether a person has acted morally or not. Well, let’s talk about it.

If we dig deeply, we will understand that from time immemorial the source of morality was the scriptures. In Christianity, it was the Ten Commandments of Christ that defined the moral code of man. Why am I speaking in the past tense? Probably, because now there are not so many religious people, religion no longer permeates all spheres of human existence, as before. In addition, as culture and humanity develop, new moral and ethical norms appear in society.

But still, what is morality? Perhaps, it is necessary to understand the spiritual qualities of a person, which are based on the high ideals of good, duty, honor, justice and are manifested in relation to other people and nature. Morality – this is how the personality

itself evaluates its actions and behavior from the point of view of good. But after all, everyone understands the good in his own way. What is good for one is completely unacceptable to another. And where is the truth? I think morality is precisely in seeing your actions not just permissible, but also good for society. Immoral behavior makes a person dissolute, ethically ugly and unworthy.

Can we talk about the actions of children in terms of morality? I’m afraid not, because the concept of “good” at a tender age is very vague, the child is simply not interested in analyzing one’s behavior and looking at it at the angle of some unintelligible morality. Children’s actions are determined by the only criterion – “like”, “do not like”. And it is not at all a fact that, having matured, the child will acquire moral traits. Here, much depends on education and environment. The first teachers of morality for children are parents and school. I do not think that morality can not be learned. On the contrary, it is possible and necessary. A person learns all his life,

and it’s not just about expanding his horizons, but also about self-education, changing priorities, mastering new values.

Each step must be monitored. Experience shows that one who has committed an immoral act once, can not resist in the future. And here the antimoral is already born: a person becomes a liar, an opportunist, or even an outspoken prodigy. Therefore, it seems to me, it is not worth screaming about moral norms – it’s better to behave in accordance with them. The moral principles of one person will become the moral principles of society only if it is guided by positive intentions and live by conscience.

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Composition on a moral theme