Composition on the theme of compassion

Compassion, empathy are those qualities that not everyone has, but somehow they arise in any person throughout his life. They are caused by a situation that seems to us compassionate, sad and there is a desire to help a person. These situations are different, they can concern any sphere, any period of life and in importance can be either small or serious enough. In any case, if a person has a feeling of compassion, then he wants and is ready to help.

So, for example, a mother, seeing her baby crying, wants to hug him, kiss him and say how good he is. Similarly, seeing a crippled man begging, we have a choice – to help him or not. The choice is for everyone. One will pass by and not even pay attention to the cripple, the other will give a little money or a piece of bread.

Why is not everyone feeling compassion? does it speak of innate aggression or anger and infantilism? Yes and no. it is impossible to say unequivocally that those people who are not peculiar to worry about others, to sympathize with the hard and soulless. most likely, these people are simply restrained in their feelings or they have other qualities.

Talking about whether a person needs compassion, one can say that it is necessary as an impetus to mutual assistance, to support. Do not be indifferent to people who are in trouble or are experiencing not the best of their life. Perhaps it is your helping hand, your kind word that will enlighten and help your neighbor.

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Composition on the theme of compassion