Composition on the theme “Personality”

Who is such a person? Not every person can be called that. It is necessary to have a certain set of character traits and spiritual qualities in order to have the right to be called. You can often hear the phrase “outstanding personality” at the expense of a famous person. But this notion is measured not only by fame. In my opinion, a person is a sincere, whole person who lives according to his vocation. He was able to identify his inclinations, reveal his talents, overcome his shortcomings and thereby achieve success in life and be happy. However, he respects others, does not allow himself a contemptuous and superficial attitude towards them. Sometimes they say “strong personality”, but strength does not mean rigidity. In my opinion, a person needs strength especially to be kind, sympathetic, even be able to sacrifice one’s interests for the sake of another person. As for famous people, for me a striking example of a person is Grigory Skovoroda. This wise

man not only understood the important truths about life, but he himself lived according to his views. He was what he wanted to be, not humiliating others, and so he taught us to do it, because that’s the only way you can be happy. I believe that among us there are millions of people who deserve the title of person. Let us know nothing about them. These are people who live a simple life, are engaged in their favorite, albeit not prestigious business, that they love and respect their relatives, do not hurt anyone. As for me, I hope that I am on the right track in the development of my personality. I try to pay more attention to what I have, to develop my abilities. Not always it turns out, but I aspire to be more tolerant to people, which are next to me. It seems to me that the golden rule of “do to others as you want them to do to you” works in all spheres of life and helps to stay on the right track. Therefore, in order to form your personality, you need to constantly develop and improve yourself, look for what brings joy, be sincere and respect others

The more worthy you bring to other people

as a free and independent person, the more you are a Person. If a person has an internal core already formed – and this can be said about almost any adult person, then for a psychologist, the personality is a peculiarity of features and features of a person. For a psychologist, the criminal is a person. Personality with its unique, unique set of features and features. And you differ from the criminal only by another set… it’s already good, although you want more.
If, however, ethics speak of the person, he speaks of the Person with a capital letter, and this is about the other. Personality with a capital letter, ethics calls not those who are in something special and unique, but those who bring real life to the people around them. We can say this: the more worthy you bring to other people as a free and independent person, the more you are a person. How much will you bring with your whole life to people?

And this is already a good question to himself: “How much am I a person?” Personality is not a given, but a task. I propose to see in the person is not a given, but a task. Not that which is already in us, not past merits and sins, but what a person is, then the task that man must do. The situation: you have undergone psychological testing and have reliably learned your personality traits and features. According to the results, you are not very free, little independent, very lazy, often cowardly and often vindictive subject with developed logic. Comparing this with the history of your life’s failures, adding here the opinion of the boss and neighbors, you logically came to the conclusion that you are definitely not a person and it does not shine to you in all respects. So, what is next? Do something with this what?

Personality is not born, personality becomes

Make yourself a Person. Because a person is a project, not a story. Personality is not born, they become a person. Well, but will there be a moment when we can confidently say: “We did it! All! The task is done!”? Let’s be realistic. It is perfectly normal if a well-established, adult and successful person feels worthy of a person. He knows without tests that he is decent and hardworking, creative and responsible, he is a person! If to be a person is a reward, but there must also be awarded

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Composition on the theme “Personality”