Composition on the theme of Man and Nature

On the topic: Man and nature have always been together, but since the beginning of industrialization, the growth of technological progress and the transition to nanotechnology, man forgot his place in nature, putting himself in concrete cages, stuffed with a microclimate of air conditioners. Composition – reasoning on the theme of human unity with nature.

The modern world of iron and concrete reminds little of the existence of man in the past. Still some hundred years ago in our cities there were more trees, we aspired though somehow to fill a life with greens, not breaking off communications with the nature.

Today, people are surrounded only by useful and necessary things: cars and all kinds of electronic devices, brick houses, metal structures, asphalt, concrete. Does nature not fit into this list of rational elements of life? Progress gives man a lot of effective inventions, but increasingly alienates him from living nature. Nevertheless, one should not forget

about one’s roots. We are all part of a living system on the planet Earth, our ancestors lived almost in the open air and touched the outside world every day. We are fenced off from this world with plastic, steel and concrete, and this artificial isolation depresses us, adversely affects our health and psyche.

Not every modern man in the street has the opportunity to plunge into the world of plants and animals, to feel unity with nature. We often do not notice how we reach out to these lost roots, trying to walk in the park from time to time, get out on holiday in the woods or even buy a small house outside the city. It is difficult for a person to struggle with a natural desire to see around himself a real, not synthetic life. Yes, and why?

Yes, the rhythm of our life has accelerated, and the routine of daily duties absorbs us, makes us forget about simple joys and desires. Nevertheless, do not limit yourself to communicating with nature, even if it is elementary actions and events. It is necessary to look at the environment with different eyes, once again rejoice in the spring greens in the park or

forest, feed the pigeons, get out on a festive picnic to the river or go for the mushrooms with the whole family. Even traditional holidays can be arranged in a different way – forget for a while about comfortable hotels and resorts by choosing more wild tourist routes.

The untouched corners on our planet are getting smaller every year, and we do not realize that we are gradually getting used to the lack of wildlife around. And if we still have something to remember, then perhaps our children will accept such a reinforced concrete world as the norm. It is worth to enjoy the natural beauty of the Earth more often, as long as we have such an opportunity.

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Composition on the theme of Man and Nature