Composition on the theme of selfishness

The share of egoism is inherent in every person. This is normal as long as it exists in harmony with other qualities. However, when someone begins to search for everything in only their own benefit, puts their interests above others and generally ceases to notice people around, it often leads to misunderstanding, not perception, and so the narcissist-egoist-can remain completely alone, losing his support friends and relatives.

Few people like people who think only of themselves. People do not like egoists and cling to them a negative label, which tells others that with this person one should behave carefully and keep out close. Therefore, for a narcissist, everything can end sadly enough, as in the legend of Narcissus, who, seeing his beautiful reflection in the stream, was so enchanted and enamored of himself that he could no longer do anything, eat or sleep, he only admired himself.

Because of this, he died, and on that place grew a beautiful flower daffodil with a drooping head. However, it should be understood that self-love is not selfishness, if a person is good to others, shows concern, compassion.

A person who is unkind to himself, also has a bad attitude towards others. So the share of egoism is not only necessary, but also welcomed. Many people can combine love with themselves and others. The main thing is to try not to get hung up on yourself and pay due attention to those who are around, without ceasing to take care of your own interests. Everything should be in moderation. But nevertheless ideal people do not exist and necessarily some quality prevails. How to overcome selfishness?

Many people are afraid of loneliness, and after all, selfishness is the right way to stay with yourself. In order to conquer one’s selfishness, one must not be afraid and let another person in his heart adorn the world, and care for him will be given only by joy and happiness.

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Composition on the theme of selfishness