Composition on the theme “Honor and Conscience”

Closing our eyes to the unscrupulous attitude of bad people towards the defenseless beings of the world around us, we involuntarily provoke an identical relation of the universe to ourselves, as is eloquently described by a cognitive essay on conscience and honor. Armed with the motto of our ancestors – “Take care of the honor from the youth”, we can boldly and directly go through life without a twinge of conscience.

In the modern world, the concepts of honor and conscience are not very relevant. Since childhood, the child grows in lies, hypocrisy and rudeness. These qualities he takes to the yard, to the playground, then to school, and there they are “polished” to perfection. A decent family and not scandalous usually becomes an object of ridicule among neighbors, and her child is an outcast.

In our time it became not fashionable to suffer the torture of conscience. be betrayed by a friend. or perform feats in the name of something whatever.

Few people read the novels of the century before last, and even more so books about the war. The school program is most often perceived by students superficially, without much interest and enthusiasm.

And if suddenly we wake up tomorrow, and the window is the nineteenth century! The carriages roll down the roadways. The coachmen famously fidget with the whips of the rusty horses. Cavaliers accompany the ladies, courteously bowing with acquaintances. Any insult ends in a duel, so that the offender is punished, and the other is not to dissolve the language. The girls are very modest, shy, judicious. “Take care of the honor from the young” is the motto of the young generation and the most terrible thing for them is to be dishonored, because then all ways for progress and normal life are closed. Is it possible that in just one and a half century we have lost the voice of conscience and devalued the notion of honor?

A very bright splash all these qualities were manifested during the Great Patriotic War. Conscience and duty to the Motherland raised people to great feats. Betrayal and cowardice were

thwarted. Heroes of war from small to large defended the country’s honor from the Nazis at the cost of their own lives, because they believed that honor is more precious than life.

Honor and conscience is a state of mind. It is not innate, therefore, adults should take care of these qualities of nature very carefully. Do not allow any transactions with a conscience. justifying all their unseemly acts by the prevailing circumstances. Since childhood, to teach children to be honest and fair, do not be afraid to always have your own opinion and be able to defend it very calmly, but firmly.

Probably, each of us would like to hear, in lieu of swear words, a culturally-argued argument. Instead of insulting insults, an amicable agreement. Instead of tears and sadness – happy children’s laughter. Everything will turn out if everyone starts to change from himself. It is worth trying once not to hit the weak, or not to lie to your parents, or not betray your friend because of your cowardice, or stand up for the honor of a defenseless girl, or just feed a hungry homeless animal. And when good deeds will be done is not ashamed – honor and conscience will become faithful companions. Other, weaker people, will envy your inner freedom and independence.

Honor and conscience are inherent only in the essence of the reasonable. And if someone loses them in pursuit of earthly goods, then it is not worthy to be called a person.

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Composition on the theme “Honor and Conscience”