Composition on the theme of Justice

Justice is a broad concept that everyone has his own, while the opinion about him can change depending on mood, weather, season and other factors.

Before I started writing this essay, I had no idea how difficult it would be to give an unambiguous answer. For me, justice is when it’s right. But what is CORRECT?

Everyone has his own truth: there is the truth of the sheep, who wants to live and the truth of the she-wolf, who has hungry cubs.

Understanding what justice is is not an easy task. Historically, philosophers around the world can not give anything, except for an abstract definition of the concept of justice.

We can consider justice in two planes:

– First, justice in the law. When there are prescribed rules, where the terms of punishment, measures and boundaries are defined.

– Secondly, the concept of justice, as a set of values ​​of each person.

And if in the first case we have a written document that can be

referenced and backed up with justified arguments. In the second case, any attempt to understand the justice of actions and actions will lead to nothing, except for open questions, because each person has his own justice, that is, any answer will be subjective.

According to Milton Friedman: “Justice and freedom are not the same thing.” Justice implies that someone will evaluate what is right and what is not. ” Here there is a certain pressure, it will be true for someone who can defend his opinion or convince an opponent.

And what is justice for man himself? How does his inner “I” determine how fair to him and how fair he is to others?

I imagine that everyone has internal scales, they may have been formed on the basis of family values, upbringing, social norms and ethics. This tool reacts to any actions that occur from the outside. And since people are by nature selfish, they try on any action on themselves. And here everything will depend on the direction in which the bowl will swing.

In the ordinary state, we do not analyze why we perform certain actions, for what

reason we react to stimuli in this way. Perhaps in this case the factor of “experience” plays?

The older a person becomes, the more patterns that form in his head, the faster he reacts to actions. So, he understands justice, he is not realized, more likely at the emotional level.

Why is it easier to help someone who experiences a similar experience with you? rather than one who does not cause a response?

Not justice is felt more sharply, because it directly affects your EGO. If you are hurt emotionally, then you understand that you were treated not with fairness.

It’s hard enough for me to perceive justice in relation to myself: I do not want too much exaggerated praise, but also give the opportunity to underestimate myself – not for me.

Justice for me is something average, when you can not go beyond the “too” line.

Justice equates, to some extent, creates comfort. And when people are comfortable, there is no tension and the atmosphere is more relaxed.

Justice is determined by the measure of one’s own experience. This is a subjective concept, more emotional than rational. The main thing is not to change your own principles, because only your opinion is important.

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Composition on the theme of Justice