Composition on the topic of real friends

The question of what qualities a true friend has is both complex and simple at the same time. On the one hand, almost everyone knows and can easily say what kind of qualities. In friends, we all really appreciate loyalty and reliability. What kind of friend, if you can not rely on him completely? In friendship such qualities as responsiveness, ability to understand, kindness, honesty, sense of humor and so on are important. On the other hand, there is a difficulty: we should have the same positive qualities ourselves, and not just our friends. If one demands them unilaterally, then this is called egoism. Then it turns out that in friendship we think only of ourselves and our interests. I think that such a one-way friendship (if it can be called at all) can not be a long one. It will necessarily lead to disappointment and separation from each other.

I also think that sometimes we are too demanding to our friends, we do not forgive them for wrongs and mistakes. We judge ourselves not so strictly. It must be remembered: every person has the right to be mistaken, because without errors it is impossible to go forward! In addition, there are no people without shortcomings. There are they and we, and our friends, so what? It is best to first of all see in a friend its positive qualities and appreciate them.

A real friend for me is like my second half. He knows all my strengths and weaknesses, habits and interests, and I am his. We are always nice and interesting to be together. We have excellent mutual understanding. Even after parting for a long time, we do not forget about each other.

I want to say about another important quality of a true friend. In my opinion, such a person can always honestly point out to you your faults and shortcomings. A friend will not just give in and flatter, and then discuss you with someone by the eyes. He wants you to be better, so do not be afraid of resentment. That such a friend can be called real.

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Composition on the topic of real friends