Composition on “The Sun”

Early in the morning, the first rays of the sun touch the ground. It awakens people and the world of nature. People are looking out the windows, birds are singing, insects are bustling about. From the earth’s surface, the sun seems so small that you want to jump and take it in your arms. But the inhabitants of the Earth owed him their existence.

The sun is not only the beauty of the morning dawn, the noonday rays and the evening sunset. The sun is a colossal fiery star, heated to six thousand degrees Kelvin. And it is around the Sun that the Earth and other planets of the Solar System rotate, although people used to think otherwise.

The sun gives the Earth exactly so much heat and light that people can live on it. If the Sun baked more, our Earth would be incinerated with heat, and the oceans would evaporate into the atmosphere. And if on the contrary, then on our planet would be a severe frost. No people or animals could live here.

The force of the Sun’s attraction keeps the Earth at a constant distance from itself and protects us from comets and meteorites of the Universe.

Although only one five hundred millionth of the solar energy gets to Earth, it can provide all the needs of mankind for energy. On the solar energy can drive cars, work factories and plants. Even in the northern countries it can heat houses, heat water for water pipes.

Unfortunately, people are just beginning to use limitless reserves of solar energy. Before that, mankind had already extracted from the bowels of the planet and burned a lot of oil, gas and coal. Now people realized that these stocks will sooner or later run out, because they paid attention to the generosity of the Sun. In the advanced progressive countries of the world now produce solar batteries, build even solar power plants.

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Composition on “The Sun”