What does it mean to protect nature

Today it became clear that nature can not exist if we all together, all inhabitants of the Earth, do not make efforts to protect and protect it. But from what we should protect it and how exactly to protect? Let’s look for answers to these questions together.

Emissions of harmful substances change the environment. There are many different types of pollution. Those of you who have passed by large industrial centers or who live in such cities, certainly paid attention to the pipes of plants and factories, from which stretch dark fumes or red “fox tails” of combustible gases. Perhaps you also suffered from the smells coming from the “industrial giants” when the wind blows from them towards residential areas: these harmful substances get into the air, polluting it. Rains coming from clouds emerging from such polluted air poison water, land, plants that grow on it, and animals that feed on these plants. If a person inhales contaminated air, it can cause

many serious illnesses.

Pollution of air cars, burning fuel – oil, coal, wood. While heating a dwelling, preparing food, pouring gasoline into the tank of your car, a person does not even think that, escaping from cold and hunger, he takes away his and his children and grandchildren from the opportunity to live in normal conditions.

Sometimes factories and factories throw their waste into rivers and lakes and pollute them. Detergents “perfectly coping with the most persistent soiling” are mixed with water in sinks, washing machines and toilets. Through the sewer pipes contained in them chemicals can get into rivers and streams.

Polluted in one place water on underground currents can get very far and harm people who use it.

We throw out a lot of boxes, packages, paper, plastic cups, bottles, clothes, furniture, etc. On average, every person throws out more than 5 kilograms of garbage daily!

Protection of nature, the environment – the preservation of the world around us so that it remains safe for life.

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What does it mean to protect nature