Composition on the theme “Summer rain”

Summer is a beautiful season. Sun rays, warm days, smiles, an ocean of flowers. Everyone is looking forward to summer and wants it to be sultry and hot, so that rainy and overcast days are as little as possible.

Summer, summer… With what impatience we are waiting for the summer heat, after a long winter, but there are such hot days that you want coolness and freshness. In such hot days you wait for the cool yesterday, when you can take a walk in the park and relax a bit from a hot, tiring day.

But how nice to wake up in the morning, in the country cottage, when still gloomy stars slowly dying out in the sky, yielding to the tender sun. The air is still cool, refreshing and invigorating. At such a time, a connection with nature, its purity and innocence begins. But here the sun rises quickly and from the heat it’s hard to hide even in the forest, and we are waiting for the rain, which will help cool down, to give strength to both man and nature.

And so.

The first heavy droplets of rain rarely rattled on hot leaves. Nature begins to greedily drink the long-awaited moisture. Seeing the first clouds in the sky, the trees became agitated, slowly rustled and quietly whispered, as if woke up from the stupor, stretching their branches to the clouds. A little more and from the tops, recently still dry trees, the first streams of summer rain began to flow.
The rain was strong, it was enough for flowers, fragrant grasses, and earth. Such a summer rain is very fond of mushrooms, it’s not for nothing that the people call it mushroom rain.

Such a rain and city residents are eagerly awaiting. Sultry heat in the city is especially felt. Transport, big houses, everything is saturated with heat and makes the air heavy and unbearable. But here, somewhere in the distance, a mysterious lightning flashed slightly and a thunderstorm began, as a continuous veil fell upon the tired city. One by one, lightning was playing, and it seemed that there was no end to such an element. But the downpour began to subside as unexpectedly as it began. The calm rain continued to go on

quietly for a few more minutes, and the solitary lightning flared less and less frequently in the smoky, slightly brightened sky. The last clouds, which drove a light breeze, gradually fled the horizon, leaving behind a cool and fresh air. All nature began to come to life, it seemed she put on a festive attire, with a shiny cape.

After such a rain as you want to go barefoot in the puddles, have fun and cheer up!
Probably, there is no such person whom the summer rain will leave indifferent, after all it is warm energy, energy and charge of vivacity! Such rain should please, beneath it one wants to stand and absorb the long-awaited moisture.

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Composition on the theme “Summer rain”