Description of the summer morning composition

In summer the day starts early. And in the summer it’s not too difficult to wake up early to enjoy the dawn. At first the sky turns white, then a scarlet dawn flares on it, birds begin to chirp in the foliage of trees. The sky is still pale, and not yet blue, as in the day. Then a big red sun begins to creep out from behind the horizon. It rises very quickly. And the higher it rises, the smaller it becomes in size. And the sky bluish before our eyes, it becomes brighter, blue, warming up with the sun’s rays.

It’s getting light as in the day, but still it’s different. The morning air is clear, clean and fresh. People and cars have not yet managed to pick up dust. And the street is fresh, there is no midday heat and stuffiness. If at this time to go out into the street, then at first with unaccustomed shivering you will shiver, and then a charge of vivacity will flow.

Quiet summer morning. The breeze has not risen yet, and the green foliage does not rustle. All around peace.

I also like a summer morning for the fact that this is just the time of vacation. Somehow it turns out and get enough sleep, and at the same time wake up early. Still lying in bed, you open one eye and look at the window. A window is flooded with sunlight, there is a piece of bright sky and fragments of green foliage of trees. Immediately happy that the weather is good, really summer. Sunspots run around the walls. Nenarokom notice them and you smile. Immediately it becomes good, good at heart.

The sun rises ever higher, the golden tops of trees. It starts to burn. The ease of a fresh summer morning begins to shift into daytime heat.

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Description of the summer morning composition