The influence of man on nature in the modern world

Several centuries ago, the influence of man on nature was extremely insignificant, however, in the course of scientific and technological progress, civilization began to affect the environment so much that today the ecological issue is one of the most urgent in the whole world.

In the twentieth century there was a significant leap in the production and development of human activity, resulting in the emergence of industrial plants and factories, which began to produce technical means that make life easier for all people. Significant comfort, however, was the cause of the negative consequences that affected the natural resources and the entire biological community on Earth.

For example, deforestation for a long time has led to the migration of animals, birds and mammals. And since in nature everything is interconnected, when the chain is broken in the food system, the processes of extinction of individual animals, plants or insects begin to occur. That is why at present the

human influence on nature is trying to reduce, and the exterminated resources, if possible, compensate (planting of the forest, desalination of salt water and so on).

It should be noted that a person, being the only being on the Earth who has a mind and will, should not be consumerly treated with everything that the planet gives him. On the contrary, humanity should strive to harmonize its vital activity and bring it into line with the laws of nature. This is precisely what the efforts of the world community are currently directed at, and as a result, our civilization is gradually beginning to move to a qualitatively new level of its development.

More and more is being introduced in the production of environmentally friendly technological novelties, examples of which can be: in the field of motor vehicles – electric vehicles, in the field of heat supply – geothermal boilers, in the field of electricity production – wind and solar power stations. Therefore, today we can say that the negative impact of man on nature is gradually decreasing. Of course, to good indicators of environmental friendliness

is still very far, but the beginning is laid today.

It is also encouraging that people themselves become aware of the fatalities of the further destruction of nature and gradually adopt a healthy lifestyle. Slowly, but surely there is an outflow of residents from the city center to the suburbs and the countryside, as in most large cities the maximum permissible norm of CO (carbon monoxide) exceeds the permissible concentration several times. The number of cottage townships is growing, where the influence of man on nature is minimal. All this suggests that humanity is gradually beginning to move away from the general system of consumption of natural resources and moving to a system of harmonious development.

The modern oil and gas industry is also in a stage of gradual curtailment, since all the explored oil on Earth will last for a maximum of 50 years. This is a very short time, even by human standards, therefore, all developed countries have long been investing their capital in the environmentally friendly production of new resources. A radically new approach is to find renewable sources of fuel. Here, as an example, you can bring biofuel, which can be grown in a specially designated area. As a result of all this, the influence of man on nature gradually acquires a positive character.

Summarizing the results of this most interesting topic, we can conclude that our civilization has finally realized that it is impossible to continue to deplete the natural resources further, since it will not lead to anything good. The negative influence of man on nature is already manifested in the form of cataclysms and global climate change. All this underscores the fact that all people on Earth are responsible for what is happening with the planet today, and only through joint efforts our civilization will be able to overcome all difficulties.

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The influence of man on nature in the modern world