Ecology essay

The word “ecology” in Greek means “the doctrine of the house.” Now most people around the world are concerned about environmental issues, because the planet Earth is our big common house. And the health and well-being of each of us depends on how good everything is in it. Over the past decades, there have been many catastrophes on the Earth, the main factor of which was human activity. Explosions of nuclear power plants, oil tanker accidents in the oceans, deforestation, destruction of plants and animals, air and water pollution by factory emissions and car exhausts, etc. It is frightening to imagine that in a short period of time a person has done so many ills on the planet.

Apparently, fascinated by the tremendous opportunities that opened technical progress for us, we simply could not or did not want to timely assess all possible consequences of our interference in nature. In addition, when a person embraces the thirst for enrichment, he often turns

a blind eye to the fact that his actions cause damage on the scale of the whole planet.

And on the planet everything is interconnected and interdependent, and man as a species is inscribed in a complex natural structure. Spending earthly resources, we thereby endanger our own existence. We create a world contaminated by radiation and dirt, in which we can not be healthy. We exterminate plants that produce oxygen and also give us their fruits and feed animals, which we then eat. Reserves of oil and gas, thanks to which heat and light in our homes, are also not endless.

I hope we can still fix it. Scientists around the world are now developing technologies that allow the use of renewable energy sources. There are cars that drive on environmentally friendly fuel. New enterprises in developed countries are built taking into account environmental needs. All ecological becomes fashionable, which means that it will continue to spread!

I would like very much that in our country the problems of ecology are taken seriously. Moreover, we have already experienced one of the most horrific disasters in history – an explosion on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant during the Soviet era. It should serve as a sad reminder of how dangerous an irresponsible attitude to the forces of nature. I hope that our people become wiser, and money, power, vanity, personal interests will never stand above the life of the whole planet as a whole.

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Ecology essay