The composition of my dream city

If five years ago I was asked about what the city of the future is like for me, then undoubtedly, I would say that this is a city where passengers use spacecraft instead of buses, trams and trolley buses, and people manage factories, factories, fully automated and obeying computer programs.

Children in such a city do not know of any worries: they have the best toys, attractions, computer games. But the years pass, we grow older and realize that childhood dreams are just fantasies. The city of my dreams is a modern megalopolis with live, neat, comfortable houses, in which there is heat and electricity, in which the water supply and sewerage does not break through, forming fetid rivers and lakes where elevators work, and entrances are like exhibition halls. In the city of my dreams trees rustle, rejoicing at the touch of a fresh breeze, fragrant flowers, green lawns, and splashes of fountains create the effect of presence on the seaside seaside city. The streets of my dream city

are clean, shiny with a coating, and on the sidewalks the heels of model shoes are knocking, and not the roar of heavy boots, afraid of entering into another puddle of sticky dirt.

The cars do not know the permanent repairs not because there are no means for their implementation, but because the roads are in excellent condition: there are no potholes, no cracks, no mud, similar to glue, and also because they fill the cars with environmentally friendly fuel. In the city of my dreams, life flows calmly and smoothly. Fathers and mothers are not afraid to let their children walk the streets, play with friends, because they know that no criminal will encroach on the life and health of their child, that everyone is under the protection of the police, which is guarding the rights of every citizen. In the city of my dreams, young people know that it is expected to work, which will help to live and pay for training. Young people have access to many earthly joys: visiting the theater, cinema, concerts, discos. They feel that they need, that they believe in them, they hope for their energy and abilities.

They have a

clear look, glowing with joy and confidence. They can help anyone and everyone. They lead a healthy lifestyle: there are no more such diseases as drug addiction and alcoholism. They know the traditions and customs of their native city and pass on their experience to their children. In the city of my dreams. Tell me that all this can only be in dreams, but this is the city of my dreams. I hope that my dreams can become a reality. It is worth the effort, not to deviate from the chosen course, and a miracle will happen!

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The composition of my dream city