The composition on the theme “Summer Day”

The morning came clear, fresh and very sunny. The first, not yet very hot rays broke through the branches of the trees and illuminated everything around. Began to sing birds. Here the titmouses were obscured and the sparrows huddled in the bushes. Here Ivolga displays his melodious song. But roosters roared around the courtyards. They seem to be competing: whose cry is the loudest and longest who will sing the hymn to the rising sun best of all?

But time does not wait, and soon dew dried on leaves and grasses, buds opened and the buzzing of hard-working bees was heard. Summer day flares up brighter.

The weather is windless, and the heat is stronger and stronger. It smells of fragrant flowers and grass juice – it was mowed early in the morning, and now it is slowly drying under the hot rays of the sun. Smart and agile butterflies flutter through the garden and the meadow. The sky is cloudless, tall and very blue.

But it’s time to hide from the heat and

stuffiness in the forest, near the ringing stream. It’s much better: fresh, cool, and fast bubbling water sparkles and sparkles in the sun’s rays.

After resting and drinking water, we are going to collect forest strawberries. Its fragrant bright red berries hide very close, in a small clearing, among the grass. It seems that they absorbed all the flavors and taste of the summer itself.

When it was past midday, clouds began to appear in the sky. They became more and more. They closed the sun and it all went dark. A strong wind blew. This was the beginning of a thunderstorm. Soon the first drops of rain fell, lightning flashed and, finally, a shower poured down. Fortunately, we managed to escape in time and now watched the elements from the veranda of the house. Strong rain jets fell on the foliage and the earth, all merged into a single gray mass. The air became cool and very fresh.

But now the storm is quieting down. Dropped the last drop, over the horizon looked out already setting sun. Summer day is coming to an end. Everything around is quiet and getting ready for bed.

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The composition on the theme “Summer Day”