Composition on the theme of ecology

Ecology in our life is very important. It’s not accidental, people used to live for one hundred years, and two hundred, and even more. And now there are very few survivors on the Earth and every day it gets even smaller. This is because now, unlike the old times, a lot of factories, factories are being built, oil is extracted, waste is being dumped.

All this contributes to the fact that the air we breathe and the water we drink are becoming more and more polluted. They spawn microbes, from which people get sick. But the beneficial substances and vitamins that people used to get from vegetables and fruits, on the contrary, are becoming less, because the environment is polluted.

And in order to stop this constant deterioration of the environment, it is necessary to conduct a lot of different activities: stop draining production waste into water, plants, industrial enterprises and factories to introduce such methods of production safe for the environment, cars that drive gasoline, which will travel from sunlight or batteries. Of course, in order to implement all this, we need very large funds, which only the state can allocate.

But each of us can contribute to the improvement of the environment. Moreover, it is very easy to do this. You just do not litter on the street, try not even to throw a small piece of paper just like that, but always report to the urn. Walking with dogs in the park or stadium, have a bag with you to put the product of their life activity there. Resting in nature, never leave a garbage after yourself, and, leaving, completely extinguish the fire. Never pick flowers and break branches in trees, it is better to just look at the beauty of nature from afar.

These rules are not at all complicated. But for their implementation, Nature will always be grateful to us.

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Composition on the theme of ecology