Composition on the theme: “The wonders of nature”

The wonders of nature are many. This is an amazingly beautiful northern lights, and an unusually colorful show of falling stars, and even the most simple, familiar from childhood, the rainbow is also a miracle of nature.

All wonders something amaze us. This is the extraordinary beauty and unusualness of the phenomenon, its scale and terrible strength, it is a unique combination of plants and animals.

Majesty and some mysticism are distinguished by the Northern Lights – an unpredictable phenomenon, which is characterized by the sudden appearance and disappearance. The Northern Lights is a glow of rarefied atmospheric layers under the influence of active solar particles.

Another unique natural phenomenon is the falling stars. People say that the stars fall to happiness, at the sight of falling stars it is customary to make wishes and believe that they will come true. And this is a beautiful phenomenon, if it is decomposed into parts and revealed its essence,

it turns out to be a simple natural phenomenon. It turns out that not the stars fall from the space of space, but small stones that, when heated, glow when interacting with the air shell. These stones – meteors – burn and do not reach the ground, go out. Meteors of large sizes are called bolides. Hundreds of millions of such stars fall within one day, forcing people to beat their hearts, believe, hope and make happy desires.

The beauty and the rainbow are also extraordinary. Since childhood, many of us repeat: “Every hunter wants to know…”. The poem helps the kids learn the names of rainbow colors. The rainbow appears in the form of two arcs, one arc brighter, the outer edge of it is red, the inner one is purple. Inside there are many other colors. The second arc of the rainbow is painted in reverse order, it is usually lighter.

And there is a very rare and, perhaps, the most surprising miracle of nature phenomenon – “fish and frog rains.” This is when in the rain from the sky, along with drops of water fall fish with frogs. Such an incredible phenomenon scientists

still can not give an exact explanation, but most likely, the reason for the tornadoes, which raise living creatures in the clouds and transfer to other areas where such unusual rains fall out. The unrevealed phenomenon of this phenomenon is that air currents carry frogs with fishes for huge distances, and they fall out together with rain in severely restricted places.

The miracle of nature does not cease to be an unusual phenomenon, even if we know its physical nature – the beauty, splendor, majesty of unique natural phenomena does not cease to act on us is amazing.

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Composition on the theme: “The wonders of nature”