Composition on the theme “Red Book”

One of the greatest riches of any nation is its land. It’s not strange, but few people understand that what is meant is not territory, but what lives and breathes on this earth. People also matter, but they can for themselves, just “the crown of creation”, as everyone is used to call homo sapiens, has the opportunity to stand up for one’s own freedom, and even if it does not really affect the soul, then for one’s own life.

But on earth, except people, there are absolutely other creatures. There are among them animals and plants, which form the basis of any country. They are often much more important than people. And they must be guarded, because if you cut down all the forests, defame rivers and lakes, raze the mountains – what will our descendants have left?

Through this, a painful topic for mankind has become ecology. In Russia, this topic does not say that it is very well developed. But we began to think about this a long time ago.

So, in 1963, that is, more than five decades ago, the Red Book of the USSR (Russia) was approved as an official document and the first edition was published. After Russia became an independent independent state, the newly formed structures raised the issue of creating a more complete Red Book under the publishing house of the Russian Federation. And so in 2001 the Red Book of the Russian Federation was published.

Why is it needed? To protect those species of animals and plants that disappear from the territory of, and, moreover, no longer exist anywhere. It was for this purpose that a lot of different examinations and research missions were conducted. As a result, a list has appeared, which includes those animals and plants whose destruction today is perceived as a violation of the Law and punished in all its severity.

In fact, there are not so many creatures that can not live without our protection. This book contains only about three hundred different animals and a little over a hundred plant species. This is not enough – the destruction of any living being, unjustified, only for the sake of cruelty

and fun should be punished.

If to speak frankly, one Red Book is not enough. Yes, of course, in some people this will awaken conscience and make them blush with shame. But the protection provided to the “members” of this book is very formal – indeed, the law punishes those who destroy certain animals. when he catches them. And not always there is such an opportunity. It’s just that people do not even know what those or other plants look like that they should not attack during a forest walk.

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Composition on the theme “Red Book”