Composition “Common Human Values”

The existence of mankind is very important abstract universal human values. Their role and function is due to the fact that humanity has always evolved, has not stood still, and has been successful in its development. If you recall the story, you can state that even a person’s life has not always been a value. Earlier on the planet there were countries with a slave system, where such living people did not have any rights at all. Fortunately, now everything has changed, it was due to the development of human values.

There are a lot of values, I would like to tell you about the most important of them. The most important, of course, is the value of human life. Nothing and no one has the right to take life from a person. Unfortunately, not all countries agree with this statement. Even the United States of America, which is considered one of the most democratic countries in the world, still applies the death penalty to some criminals, thereby negating the value of human life.

However, I think that sooner or later they will refuse this kind of punishment. An important value is human health. Lack of good health is always associated with great suffering and pain, therefore society recognizes the value of health and seeks to provide quality protection.

The opportunity to work and receive a decent reward for this can also be attributed to significant human values. Moreover, paid work not only allows a person to eat and satisfy their needs, it also gives a much-needed sense of need for a person in this life. This feeling is also complemented by a sense of need in the family. The family is a great value for almost everyone. A person has an inescapable need to continue his kind, so she wants not only to live her life, but also to see her continued in children.

I would also like to mention the values ​​that appeared relatively recently. To them, first of all, it would be desirable to attribute the Western value of democracy, according to which there is equality between the leaders of the country and ordinary citizens. It is worth acknowledging that the truthfulness and reality of this value today can not be called obvious – in all countries the attitude towards top officials and ordinary citizens is often different. Democracy also has other manifestations – equality between people of different sexes, professions and nationalities.

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Composition “Common Human Values”