How people discovered and studied the Earth

1. What are the main epochs of accumulation of geographical knowledge about the Earth.

As a basis for highlighting the epochs of the accumulation of geographical knowledge, we can take the historical periods of the development of society:

Ancient world ; Middle Ages ; New time; The newest time.

2. What are the modern geography’s questions?

The most important question that geography can answer is the question of how to save people’s lives on planet Earth.

Geography together with other sciences has already noted the inadmissibility of a new world war between countries possessing huge stocks of nuclear weapons. It was proved that, together with the spread of diseases associated with radioactive contamination, a “nuclear winter” could arise, in which the sun’s rays could not illuminate the Earth due to air pollution. The absence of solar heat and light will lead to the death of plants, animals and people who survived after the nuclear explosions. The huge global warming is also a huge problem. Geography helps explain all the relationships that exist in nature, the relationship of nature and society; contributes to the solution of many serious problems of modern mankind.

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How people discovered and studied the Earth