Composition on an ecological theme

When you look from the cosmos to Earth,

Love and anxiety tighten the heart, because it is very important,

So that man can save for future generations

The same beautiful blue ball…

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

In modern society, people began to forget that the planet Earth is our common home. People sometimes do not notice what harm they do to nature through their actions and deeds. Problems related to the ecology of our planet, a lot. But I would like to identify those that, in my opinion, are more acute.

The first problem is pollution of the environment with industrial wastes. A lot of industrial enterprises are appearing all over the world. But, unfortunately, many of them do not have cleaning devices. This leads to the fact that harmful substances enter the atmosphere, and waste is thrown into the rivers. For this reason, plants, animals, birds, fish die.

The second problem is deforestation. In our time, the need for man in wood has increased. The society needs wood products: paper, furniture, building materials. People do not think and cut down the tree behind the tree. The vast areas occupied by the forest began to decline, and this leads to climate change, the crushing of rivers, the disappearance of many species of plants and animals.

The third problem is the disappearance of rare species of animals. Many species of rare animals disappear at the whim of man: for valuable fur and skin, good money is paid. People are engaged in poaching and without regret destroying those animals, which are still very few. Did man forget that we should take care of our younger brothers?

All of us, regardless of age, can help our planet. It’s not so difficult: throw a wrapper in a trash can or plant a tree next to the house. Each of us is responsible for a huge planet called Earth.

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Composition on an ecological theme