Composition on the theme of Man and the Biosphere

Man is an element of the biosphere. All natural resources of the planet predetermine the possibility of human life and are the basis of its material production. Population growth, the development of science and technology, led to the fact that human activity has become an important factor in the development of the biosphere.

Under the influence of scientific thought and human labor there arose the possibility of the transition of the biosphere to a new state – the noosphere. The noosphere (for VI Vernadsky) is a “thinking” shell, the sphere of the mind, the highest stage of the development of the biosphere, associated with the emergence of a civilized person in it. Mankind is intensively consuming both living and mineral and natural resources, therefore the following problems arise: depletion of natural resources, reduction in abundance, and death of living organisms, narrowing of their habitats, contamination and poisoning of the environment, industrial wastes.

As a result of human activities, the atmosphere is polluted with harmful gases, an increase in CO 2 concentration; the destruction of the ozone layer by an increase in the concentration of nitrogen oxides and freons; climate change, the growth of the “greenhouse effect” and an increase in air temperature; pollution of water bodies and reduction of their areas; destruction of forests, massive disease of vegetation; Soil salinity and growing desertification; intensive use of energy, the creation of nuclear power plants and environmental pollution, radioactive waste.

All these influences on the biosphere cause chain ecological reactions, which are reflected in the end result on human life. Rational nature management is the basis for preserving the diversity of the biosphere and the growth of human well-being. Man does not rule over nature, but is a part of nature.

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Composition on the theme of Man and the Biosphere