Save our planet

I appeal to you for the help our planet needs. I understand that everyone has problems. But now there is a problem with one who can not ask for himself. She can hint… can explain by some signs… and can not say… but many hear her. I’m talking about our beautiful planet Earth, our home, our cradle. The land that makes us live, we live on its land, feed on what it gives, it has grown us, and helped us to become what we are, despite the fact that it is ruining it, it is like a loving mother who is I’m ready to give everything for my child. We turned away from her, and she suffers. We are all her children, and we think only of ourselves, we solve our problems… but we are still children who want to appear adults, and forget that the mother who gave the last can die. Without it, we can not survive, and we, and not because there is no planet in the universe where we can live. And because the universe does not accept those who killed their mother. Humanity,

killing the planet, will destroy itself. We now have many problems: wars, diseases, hunger, illnesses of children, drug addiction, and many others. But solving only these problems, we become like a sinking ship, the water from which is scooped out with tea spoons. To ship sailed further it is necessary to close the hole.

There are forces that help us, the forces that will be able to stop almost inevitable our death. God, the universe, the energy of matter, other living beings. If humanity shows that it is ready to sacrifice selfish desires, and if you need to sacrifice yourself for the sake of saving the Earth… then the death of the planet, nature, our smaller brothers can be prevented. If you suddenly do not believe in miracles, I, I say, say this as a fact: miracles are the whole universe, and do not try to understand them all, explain them by laws. Nothing is impossible. But… a miracle will not happen if all mankind does not unite its efforts, in order to preserve our home with you. I appeal to your mind and heart, help the one who gave life to all of us, because our foolishness will destroy it, please

do not turn away from it…

I know that it is often difficult to start, there are thoughts: how can this be done, because we can not help ourselves, but how to help the whole planet? I swear with all my heart, with all my soul, if we start to help the planet, our problems will be solved, and there will be less of them. And so I propose to start with a few very concrete and real actions:

To lead a healthy lifestyle, not to leave garbage in nature, to try to ride on environmentally friendly transport (bicycle, trolley, electric train), to minimize the consumption of meat, or to refuse altogether, to use paper less, to demand compliance of the plants and authorities with environmental norms and waste processing : paper, plastic, etc. Paper can be replaced by electronic media and do not buy printed products, meat is perfectly replaced with plant food, in addition, vegetable nutrition is more useful, and causes less damage to the ecologist rather than livestock.

Watch for food in general, do not eat everything, all in a row eat only “pigs.” Go to the store with reusable bags, and if you still take the package, try to use it many times. Longer wear clothes and shoes, a small hole can always be sewn, or do not pay attention to it at all! Do not use shampoos, gels, and liquid soap – all this well replaces the usual soap, for example, Tick-Tak.

Dear girls. think that cosmetics are harmful not only for the environment, but first of all for yourself, your health, and for the health of your future children!

These are a few small steps that you need to start doing now, and then there will be a long and not easy way to go until the Earth is completely healed. And it does not matter that it is difficult, but it is important that he is noble and happy.

And I ask you to help each other in this. As this is necessary not only for me but for you.

And unfortunately, money is also needed here. For example, planting one hectare of forest will cost 100,000 rubles. We also need material support for scientific projects, for the rescue of endangered species of animals, for the maintenance of reserves, and much more.

It is possible that someone will say, and where does he, the same should be dealt with by the state. So, this is the business of every inhabitant of the earth. Since the vast majority of us travel to environmentally polluting transport, use plastic bags, pollute water with waste products (only crazy idiots and fools could think of draining waste into water, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans). And that’s why every inhabitant of the earth simply has to think about how he can help the planet.

1) First of all, change your consumer attitude to nature, this is the main thing.

2) And secondly do something, right now, or today, or this week. Plant a tree, ride a bicycle or on a city transport instead of a car, send money to any fund, any amount, at least 10 rubles, do something that you think is useful for the planet. Do not even have to do something for someone, do it for yourself… get up early in the morning and go for a run… or just find a beautiful place with a piece of nature, stop, and admire her, tell her mentally thanks for what you are, for the present there is such an opportunity to say…

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Save our planet