Our Common Home Land

The Earth is our common home, our nurse. Native land, Homeland – the place where man was born, which will forever remain dear to him. Each of us should take care of it, but we often forget about it. Polluted by rivers, soil, air, because of thoughtless actions of people perish and even disappear from the face of the earth species of plants, birds and animals. But man is a part of nature. he is inextricably linked with it. If there are no rivers, forests, how will people live?

In our life we ​​often do not notice that we are harming nature. Many people do not even think about it. But it’s worth pondering! Each of us is responsible for our actions. And we must preserve what is left. After many years it may be too late.

The first thing that appeared on our planet is plants. Without them, life is impossible. So why do people destroy them? After all, they are hurting themselves. At the lessons of the world around me at school, I learned that plants are the lungs

of our planet, and without lungs people can not live. But all the same, often through the fault of man, entire forests are destroyed.

Water is also contaminated with chemicals. This kills fish and aquatic animals. But how are we, children, happy with the arrival of summer. It’s good to come to the river and swim in the hot summer day. But some places on the shore and do not want to go, because everything is filled up with waste, garbage. In all cities, even in small villages. there are garbage dumps that are not cleaned. But many people do not care. Who will take care of our planet, if not us?

Once our ancestors only grew plants, bred domestic animals, and now huge factories are being built, thousands of cars drive on roads, forests are cut down. Of course, the development of our civilization does not stand still, and I think it’s good. But we must remember that it is necessary to use the resources of the Earth sensibly, carefully and take care of the cleanliness of the environment. After all, the Earth does not forgive a person for bad treatment. And we must start with ourselves! You can not

break branches of trees, because trees are our friends. They give off the oxygen we breathe. Flowers please us with their appearance, birds sing for us, the sun shines for us too. And if all this does not happen? What will happen to us?

If we do not urgently help nature, it will die. I believe that nature protection is not only an issue for adults, but also for schoolchildren. We make bird feeders and birdhouses, we fight with garbage, we help sick trees, plant flowers.

I hope that all the people of the world will come to their senses and cease to destroy the Earth, because it is our common home.

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Our Common Home Land