“Description of the sunset” composition

Sunset has a truly magical attraction. He is eager to see, capture in pictures, photographs, describe in words. In the rays of sunset, people explain themselves in feelings, make suggestions, or simply, without words, sit in an embrace, bending their heads towards each other. It’s a pity that many of us neglect the opportunity to join the contemplation of this real miracle by choosing more ordinary occupations.

At a time when the heavy, velvety heat of a summer day, like the ocean tide, slowly but surely runs away, everything seems to freeze. The sun, tired for a day of honest and conscientious work, before it slowly rolled across the sky, approaching the horizon, as if everything is accelerating. Yellow, glitteringly bright by day, it changes its color and shade to a softer and warmer, which like a weightless shawl covers everything around. For a brief moment, an atmosphere of coziness and peace is created, in which I want to love and be loved.

All nature in the

sunset rays miraculously transforms. The green color of plants becomes more saturated, more contrast. All the living things, which led active activities during the day, are preparing for a rest sleep. It’s nice to look at everything around, but what’s there, everything seems so native and friendly that he is ready to hug everything, hold him close to him and never let go.

But for a really summer sunset you can appreciate only near a large pond. Reflecting from the water mirror, the sun seems to create a path, a path from the light, along which, it would seem, one can simply take and run into some other, fantastic world. Such a world in which there is no place for cares and hectic where people live happily and joyfully, but for you there is a place that no one claims.

A brief moment of sunset, unfortunately, ends quickly, but I so want to extend it, to stretch it. Therefore, people, meeting the sunset, gather much in advance and patiently wait for when everything starts. In today’s world, there are many alternatives: projectors, televisions with huge diagonals, high-end acoustic systems, but

even the whole electronics world does not replace a real, genuine, romantic summer sunset.

The ability not only to see the beautiful, but also to appreciate it – is given far not to everyone, but all people are born and are almost the same process of formation and formation. Of course, the base for internal growth is different for all, but at a certain stage of life a person begins to correct himself. So why not do it in the right direction: enjoying the eternal and beautiful? Take a moment of your time and you to admire the summer sunset.

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“Description of the sunset” composition