Is man a part of nature

Nature can not be understood only as the world of animals and plants. Nature is everything that has been around us since birth. Every part of nature is important. Man and nature are in constant and complex relationships. Nature gives a person the opportunity to live, satisfying his physical needs, enriches his inner world with his beauty and activates his mind, showing samples of the most beautiful, the most perfect in the world. When a person starts to damage nature, he also harms himself, because man is also an integral part of nature, and extremely dependent on all others. The difference between a person and other living beings is that he has intelligence, which means he is able to think, create, communicate with other people.

Unfortunately, today there is every reason to assert that the person most often uses his mind to satisfy his own needs, destroying almost completely the environment in which he lives and on which he depends entirely. They say that today we live on a planet

that belongs to our great-grandchildren: after all, the consequences of how we now treat nature will be felt in the distant future. And to correct even one serious mistake, if it is allowed, is often impossible.

And the fact that a lot of mistakes humanity has already committed, today it is understandable if not to all, then, at least, to many inhabitants of the Earth.

Historian Lev Gumilev noted that depletion, the ruin of nature as a result of activity should be considered as “a crime against descendants who will live on a scanty Planet.”

The most sad conclusion made recently by scientists is that the Earth as a planet, as the environment is short-lived. She does not have time to heal the wounds caused by human activities, especially as a result of the development of technology and production. Thus, in order for the Earth not to perish, it is necessary to radically change the attitude of man to nature.

Wildlife – animals, humans, microorganisms, plants. They feed, grow, give offspring and die.

Non-living nature is air, water, mountains, Earth, Sun, stars, Moon. Non-living nature includes objects made by man.

Environment – the environment in which a person, plant or animal lives.

Nature is what surrounds a person and is the object of his activity and knowledge.

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Is man a part of nature