The interaction of nature and man

The development of mankind was in the relationship with nature. Man has always been influenced and influenced by climate, man has used and uses mineral, water, land and biological resources of the Earth.

Humanity needs energy, fuel, raw materials for industry. All this we receive from nature. Minerals, oil, gas and coal, construction materials and other materials are mined.

The need of people for fresh water is especially great. A person not only drinks water, but also uses it for domestic, industrial and agricultural needs. In the world there is a deficit of fresh water, so it should be used carefully.

People occupy large areas of the territory. They build cities, settlements, factories, roads, use the land for arable land, orchards, pastures. Man uses the fertility of soils. As a result of people’s lives, large areas are occupied by landfills.

Humanity in ancient times actively used wood, reduced forests. Now the forest areas are already significantly

reduced, which negatively affects the life of all organisms on Earth.

For human health, clean air and water are important. Forests produce a lot of oxygen, clean the air of dust and harmful gases.

Because of the differences in terrain and climate, the living conditions of people in different parts of the world differ.

In the XX century, the human impact on nature has multiplied many times as a result of the development of science and technology, the development of mineral deposits, the increase in the number of people and the use of natural resources. As a result, there is a decrease in oxygen in the atmosphere and an increase in carbon dioxide. If there is a high content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a greenhouse effect will occur. With it, the heat does not go into space, but remains on the surface of the Earth, the climate is warming, glaciers are melting and the level of the World Ocean is rising. As a result, coastal settlements of people can be flooded.

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The interaction of nature and man