Composing our common house land

The Earth is our planet, and we live on it. This is our house. There are many of us, but she is alone at all. We are a family. This is man and nature. Nature has created us, and that’s why we call her mother. She gives us everything, and we, her children, forget that she needs help and care. Our planet is in danger!

People create terrible poisons that infect and kill all life on Earth, produce cars that pollute the air with exhaust fumes, cut down forests, drain marshes, throw out garbage.

Every person makes his house clean, comfortable. There is a lot of light and heat in it. But, going out the door, we see heaps of garbage, landfill, breathe poisoned air. This is because people care only about their home. But no one guards, does not care, and does not protect our common home! People, look back! Look at our forests, rivers, seas, meadows, they all need help.

Ancient people knew their expanses well. The land for them seemed huge. Previously, there were few

people on earth, and they lived in harmony with nature, did not interfere with it. Now people have become much more. They cut down the forests. Now there is no one to purify the air. The cities grew everywhere. Even the water stopped being clean. People have ruined much for good. Every day on Earth one species of animal disappears, and every week we lose one kind of plant. The red book swells from the new names that are introduced into it.

A person should become the master of the planet – carefully spend all the riches of the Earth, take care of its purity.

One should remember that one can not only take from nature, but one must give something to it in return. Let’s answer her with warmth for warmth, love for love. Let’s not forget that taking care of nature, we care about the Earth.

We are children, we must help adults, protect nature: do not throw away garbage, do not tear flowers, feed birds.

This winter, our class decided to find out how the birds winter. From different sources we learned about birds and their life on Earth, that wintering birds are very difficult to feed

in the winter. We even defended the project on this topic (Appendix 1). To save the birds, they made the feeding troughs and hung them in the courtyard of the school. Every week we feed birds with grain, millet and sunflower seeds. Now our birds are always full and happy with their singing.

To save our planet, it is not necessary to be poor or rich, an adult or a child, a scientist or a worker. You just need to listen to your heart. The future of the planet Earth, its well-being and prosperity is in our hands!

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Composing our common house land