“Sunrise” composition

Did you have to watch the morning dawn? If yes, then you know what an amazing beauty it is. With her, only the evening glow can be compared, when the whole sky suddenly grows black, the clouds will flash with a bright flame. And the sun seems to be a hot ball, which falls over the edge of the earth and now glows with its heat.

The morning dawn is much more gentle than the evening. It does not blaze with such fierce fire, as if the sun is angry, that he has to leave such a beautiful land. In the morning the sun is benevolent. It is going to give warmth to the world around us. And therefore solemnity is fulfilled from the mission that is to come.

The night is gradually receding. The darkness is not so thick. A few more moments, and darkness gives way to light. In the east, a light strip begins to shine. It is expanding. Where there was only a white band a few minutes ago, suddenly everything starts to turn red. It was the first rays of the sun. They bashfully embarrass the

sky, flooding everything around with a soft, trembling radiance.

Around is still silence, not broken not by the homonom of birds, nor by the rustle of insects. No branch moves in anticipation of an amazing moment, when a bright radiant sun will shine the earth with its rays, warm it with the first morning heat. And as soon as the east starts to turn pink, everything seems to wake up. Birds raise a hubbub. A light breeze runs along the branches of the trees. He seems to say: “Wake up, the sun is rising!” No blade of grass, no flower, no picchook, no bug want to miss this solemn moment – the appearance of the sun.

And now the sun’s rays illuminate the world. On the grass, on the leaves, dew drops sparkle, like precious stones in expensive frames. Birds begin their morning toilet, bathing in dew and sunlight. They echo each other. Meanwhile, the dawn is spreading all over the sky. It becomes crimson, blazing with a glow. But this glow, like a young girl, is bashful.

After nature people begin to wake up. From each yard smells of milk and bread. Mistresses let out cows on pasture.

Those moo, pleased with the meeting with their girlfriends. Mooing is heard from different ends. A click of the shepherd’s whip is audible. He chilly in the morning freshness. And in heaven the light is triumphant. The sun’s rays rise higher and higher. They fill the whole space. And, finally, the luminary itself emerges from behind the horizon.

The morning came into its own. Now, warmth and light will rule the world, until the dawn comes, which will proclaim the end of the day’s work.

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“Sunrise” composition