Man and nature

Since ancient times man and nature are closely interrelated. In ancient times primitive people completely depended on the environment. Not understanding the essence of natural phenomena, people raised them to the rank of gods. So, fire, water, earth, trees, air, and thunder with lightning were deities. To propitiate them, people performed ritual sacrifices.

But as time passed, man evolved, his brain improved. People have learned how to obtain fire, build dwellings, create tools of labor. Man not only won his place among other tribes, but also intended to subordinate nature itself.

The issue of interaction with the environment is still relevant today. Having proclaimed himself king among all living beings, man forgot that he himself is a part of nature, the crown of her creation. And instead of gratitude continues to behave very aggressively. It’s not a secret for anyone that the human activity affects the world around us today.

Blasphemous, consumer attitude

to the treasures of the planet can have a truly catastrophic consequences. Annually huge areas of forests are cut down, and after all the forests are light planets, moreover, their destruction leads to the Reduction, and sometimes to the disappearance of various species of animals and plants. Where did the clean sources go? In the water, tons of waste are dumped, and it is dangerous not only to drink it, but even just to swim in it.

The air is poisoned by the exhausts of millions of cars, the toxic emissions of plants. Above the cities there is such a smog that at night it is sometimes difficult to distinguish stars in the sky. It is comforting that there are still ecologically clean areas that are not touched by “civilization.” For example, when we come to the Askania-Nova reserve, we enjoy pure air, permeated with the intoxicating smell of steppe grasses.

Man forgets that the reserves in the bowels of the planet will ever run out, and continue to prey on minerals. And this despite the fact that scientists have long talked about the possibility of using the energy of the sun, wind, tides.


seems that everyone forgot that a person can not exist outside nature. After all, he lives on earth, eats its fruits, breathes air, drinks water. And thus so little cares about the preservation of the environment of his dwelling!

I want to remember that in ancient times people were very careful about nature. We can judge this from the tales that have come down to us, myths, legends, songs, proverbs and sayings. It is very important that modern children have the opportunity to join this treasury. And I believe that the leading role in this is played by the family and the school. In childhood parents introduce the child to the environment, teach them to take care of her carefully, take care of animals and plants. At school to love and respect nature, children learn at the lessons of natural history and valeology.

It is necessary to remember how much joy the world gives us: a blossoming bud, a rustle of rain, a sunshine, a foliage of foliage – how can you not like it? We and nature are one big family and should live together.

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Man and nature