Summary “Room in the attic”

The typist Miss Leeson – a tiny girl with long hair and huge eyes – takes a room in the attic for $ 2 from Mrs. Parker. Men who rent rooms in the neighborhood with her, crazy about a cheerful girl, whose head is always bizarre fantasies. One of the stars in the sky, the girl nicknamed Willie Jackson. From her room in the attic, Miss Leeson is looking at her all the time.

Miss Leeson was fired from her job. The girl went for a long time from one office to another, but to no avail. One of the tenants offered her a hand and a heart, but was refused. Miss Leeson was lying on the bed and smiling at a star named Will Jackson.

Mistress Miss Parker, feeling wrong, with the mistress broke the door. As anything to the girl did not help, it was necessary to cause first aid. The young doctor, hearing that a girl named Elsie Leeson does not regain consciousness, rushed to the attic, jumping a few steps at once. He took out the lifeless body of a girl with the appearance

that he was burying a loved one.

The next day in the newspaper in the accident department published a note in which it was said that a woman suffering from exhaustion on the basis of hunger was delivered to the hospital. Dr. William Jackson, who provided first aid, claims that the patient will recover. Gisselle Adan recounted

Mrs. Parker makes a living by renting a house. At her disposal are several apartments in a large house. Particularly welcoming mistress refers to doctors, the rest of the same people simply despise a woman. Her tenants are different people. One day a girl of unearthly beauty appears. She herself is petite, but her huge eyes and chic hair arouse admiration. All the male representatives living in the house immediately noticed the beauty. The girl’s name is Miss Leeson. She works as a typist. In the afternoon the girl bypasses various offices, she is given a pack of letters and is already at home, in the late evening she reprints them on her typewriter.

Miss Leeson was lodged in the attic, as the rest of the rooms were too expensive for her. In the evenings, when there was no

work, the young beauty liked to sit on the steps and look at the stars. She could tell a lot about them, the heavenly bodies attracted her. One star Leeson even gave a name. The other tenants of this house joined her. Men tried to win the sympathy of Leeson, and women envied her.

Mr. Hoover was a rich, but stupid and ugly man of forty-five years. At first glance at the young Miss Leeson, Hoover realized that he had fallen in love. He often gave the girl various signs of attention and even called marriage. But the beauty remained unassailable. One day, by chance, Miss Leeson lost her job, the search for a new one was unsuccessful. The situation was hopeless and the girl had no choice but to lock herself in her room, lie down on the bed and fall into a state of forgetfulness. She was very proud and could not ask for help.

After a while, the residents of the house found the door to the beautiful Leeson locked. The door was hacked and saw a girl lying unconscious. The people around were trying to bring her to life in every way, but nothing came of it. I had to call an ambulance. A pretty young doctor, without losing a minute, took the girl to the hospital. He experienced it as if Miss Leeson was his closest person. As it turned out later, the girl nearly died of starvation, but the doctors managed to save her.

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Summary “Room in the attic”