Composition “Contemporary World”

We live in a huge and paradoxical world. Here, hunger neighbors with luxury, poverty – with wealth, happiness – with grief. Some people in our world press smartphone buttons, drive cars, fly by air, bathe in a hot shower. And someone picks up water with a bucket from a muddy river and will never learn to read and write.

Mankind has reached technical progress, but never achieved universal happiness. Love, joy, fun, kindness and mercy, it turns out, do not depend on the comfort and convenience in which people live.

Medicine over the last century has advanced tremendously. Doctors have learned to transplant human organs and grow artificial ones. But people still get sick and die from diseases. But, alas, to the majority of mankind, all these achievements of medicine are inaccessible. Often, medicine is powerless when it is necessary to save a loved one or safely. give a birth to a baby. There were many new diseases of civilization – viruses, AIDS, fevers, chronic fatigue syndrome.

In developed countries, people already almost do not suffer from malnutrition or excessive physical labor. But they are tormented by stresses and malnutrition. They have a lot of knowledge available, in books, on the Internet, but people as a whole are not becoming wiser. Most of them just want to have fun.

And about the pollution of the environment, perhaps, it’s too late to say. It’s time to talk about the destruction of the surrounding nature, which threatens and the destruction of humanity itself. Although, on the other hand, people at least thought about what they are doing with nature.

Living in peace does not get easier. I think that the modern world will be saved by kindness and love. To the neighbor, to nature. Love, expressed in deeds, concrete deeds, albeit small.

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Composition “Contemporary World”